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birds of montana book project

Birds of Montana will summarize information on the status, distribution, biology, conservation, and historical aspects of the 430 bird species known to occur in the state.  Because Montana is one of the few states without a general reference on its birds, the need for this book is great.  Former Director of Bird Conservation Jeff Marks and co-authors Dan Casey and Paul Hendricks started writing in September 2007 and have been hard at work on the species accounts ever since. The completed manuscript was submitted to a publisher for review in spring 2014.

Web pages for Birds of Montana are under construction, so check this page from time to time for new information.  Also, please note that the information posted on these pages is in draft form and thus is subject to change at a later date.

For information contact Jeff Marks at 503-774-4783 or

Sponsor-a-Species Campaign has been hugely successful!

Birds of Montana will cover the status, distribution, biology, conservation, and historical aspects of the 430 bird species known to occur in the state. The project is administered by Montana Audubon, a 501(c)(3) institution, and we are seeking funds to help support research and writing time, pay for illustrations and travel to museums and libraries, and defray printing costs to reduce the retail price of the book. All royalties from book sales will go to Montana Audubon.

In addition to requesting funds from foundations, businesses, and government agencies, we are seeking support from individuals who have an interest in birds and conservation in Montana. The Sponsor-a-Species Campaign, in which individuals sponsor one or more accounts, was so successful that all 430 species have been sponsored! Thanks to all who participated in this effort.


The world-renowned wildlife artist, Al Gilbert, has completed an original watercolor of a Boreal Owl for the front cover of the book and a Ferruginous Hawk for the back cover. We are working with Gil to produce a small number of signed limited-edition prints of the Boreal Owl illustration to help raise funds for the book. Please click on “Boreal Owl” above to view this gorgeous illustration, and check back for more information on availability of the print.

We hope you share our excitement about Birds of Montana and that you view the project as we do: a gift to Montanans and others who wish to learn more about the state’s birds, and a means of encouraging the public to treasure and protect the abundance and variety of birds in Montana and the habitats that sustain them.  A book like Birds of Montana is long overdue, and you can help make its completion possible.

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